College Sports Recruitment Video

Developed by college recruiters, the Athlete Recruit DVD has helped hundreds of athletes earn an
athletic scholarship.

Got Highlights' Athlete Recruit Package

The edge you need to succeed

The concept behind the Athlete Recruit Package was to create a method of providing College Sports Recruiters with valuable, easily accessed information to use for choosing from among the many up and coming students to play on their teams.

The Recruit Package was developed by skilled marketers to help you get that sports position you are after. In it we place information like your game stats, highlights clips, and more, presented well and wrapped up in professionally designed packaging.

Our College Sports Recruitment Videos have provided that little edge necessary to get hundreds of players the athletic scholarships they needed and to get them onto the teams they were after. It could be just what you need to put you over the top as well.

Pricing and Ordering Information

The Athlete Recruit Package includes:

Custom DVD Menu

Athlete Profile

Highlight or Skill Video

Game Footage

Statistics and Honors

Professional Packaging

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